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Student with host family

SPC Brisbane - Homestay

Great way to work on your "Aussie English"

Is homestay for me?

SPC Brisbane English school offers single room placement with Australian families. This is probably the best way to experience the culture and see beyond the tourist trail.

Our welcoming hosts provide the feeling and support of home so you can settle in faster and become familiar with the Aussie culture, climate and lifestyle. Choose from a range of flexible packages inclusive of meals, utilities and internet access as well as 24/7 support, local orientation and homestay insurance.

Each homestay placement includes a home inspection, interview and background check for hosts and a unique preference-based matching system to connect you with the best host.


Start your application through our expert homestay provider here!

Each host provides a single room, bedding, sheets, pillow, blanket, clothes storage with a study desk, chair and lamp for students in order to ensure they are comfortable and have privacy.

Families and students are matched according to the information provided on the application form, so the more you tell us about you, the better. Let us know if you like children and if you have any kind of health condition, such as pet allergy or anything we should be aware of.



Our homestay is handled by experts who have been supporting over 62,000 students from 183 countries in homestays
across Australia



Our provider conducts training, in-home interviews and background checks for hosts to ensure students are in safe hands



Full support for students, host and schools from a local homestay co-ordinator backed by a network of nationwide staff and a 24/7 hotline

Why should you choose homestay?


You will settle faster, be safer and learn about life in Australia and the expectations of students much faster. Our host will also help you with a personalised one-on-one orientation including advice about transport, shopping and banking options as well as mentoring, culturalisation and developing a local network.

Our experience is that better-settled international students get better academic results and mix better with domestic students.

Beginning your adventure with our homestay allows students to jump right into their studies without the worries of finding housing, furniture and signing leases all from overseas. Our hosts will help you to settle into life in Australia and help you get used to the different cultures, climate and lifestyle you will experience while you study here.

Utilities (gas, electricity, etc.) and accommodation costs are included in your weekly fees; food may be included but will depend on which homestay product you choose. You don’t need to budget for multiple bills and unnecessary expenses. Homestay makes budgeting much easier.

Unlike traditional accommodation options, SPC does not require a bond or long-term contract.

Placement Fee Includes

  • Selection and training of host

  • System support during application process

  • Ensuring that all appropriate authority clearances are in place

  • Host residence visit and approval process

  • Placement of student (student – host preference matching)

  • Follow-up support if required regarding placement

  • Our local expert provider is AHN


Weekly Fee Includes

  • Meals, accommodation and utilities as specified

  • Homestay host additional support for students

  • Professional 24/7 phone support

  • Compulsory contents insurance for students & hosts as per our insurance policy.

  • Ongoing monitoring of host suitability

  • Local supervisor support

About our hosts

Homestay hosts at SPC are carefully selected to ensure that our students are placed in environments that are not only safe and comfortable but also welcoming. Our hosts come from many cultural backgrounds and are truly interested in enjoying a shared cultural experience with their students. Our provider conducts conduct national criminal background checks, in-home interviews, and complete home inspections. We stay in contact with both the host and the student during the homestay period. We want all visiting students to have the most positive experience possible when beginning their educational journey in Australia.

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