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IELTS Test Preparation

Our IELTS exam tutorials will help you get the band scores you need for higher education or migration

What Is IELTS?

Putting it simply IELTS (The International English Language Testing System) is used to measure the English language proficiency of people who want to work or study where English is used as the common language of communication. This includes Australia.


What Can You Do to Gain Your Desired IELTS Score?

Once SPC has helped you reach your target IELTS score you will be able to use your success in a number of different ways. Reaching your desired IELTS score will enable you to apply for visas that will enable you to extend your stay in Australia and maybe even assist you stay permanently.


If you need to stay in Australia to continue your tertiary (university) education you will be required by most universities to provide evidence of your English proficiency. Gaining your target IELTS score with SPC will enable you to provide this evidence.


Minimum age:

Entry requirement:

Start dates:


18 years old

Placement Test

Every Monday

Electronic Whiteboards

Audio files & Videos


Skills centred materials

Online materials

Sample Timetable











Session 1

Break (20mins)

Session 2

Lunch Break (40mins)

Session 3

Optional after school activities

Book club

Art club


Language exchange

Free time / Teaching teachers club

Carrers development club


Theatre club


Whole school activity

Sample only.

subject to change

Why SPC?

Target sign

Strategic approach

Quick results & extensive error correction

Teachers logo

Experienced teachers

Including a former IELTS examiner, with 15 years experience

English test

Regular practice tests


Optional after school activities

Available from 3:15-4:00pm

Plus sign

Extra practice material & free 1h trial available

Who is SPC?

We’re one of Australia’s leading IELTS providers and run by a team of professionals who simply don’t settle and truly believe they can always achieve more and more.


We have always firmly believed that quality education is the most important factor when dealing with our pupils. Since 2001 we have become one of the best places for foreign language students to perfect English but that hasn’t stopped us from striving for perfection.

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