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Student with host family

SPC Brisbane - Accommodation

Homestay with local families

What's the best for me?

SPC Brisbane english school offers accommodation with host families around the CBD for those looking for a truly Aussie experience.

You might be thinking...

How about my meals?

At SPC Brisbane, you can select which meal package you would like, depending on your budget. At Brisbane Student Accommodation, meals are not included, but you do have a fully equipped kitchen at your studio for your meals prep.

How about transportation?

When choosing to stay with a host family, think about a big city in your home country. It is very expensive to live in the CBD, which means many families live in residential suburbs. You will need to take public transport to commute to school, something that definitely helps you learn how to move around and live like a local.

Do I have curfew?

If you are over 18 years old, no. However, remember you will either be living with an Australian family or sharing with other students, so it is important to be respectful and communicate always. Let the family or your share-mates know if you will not come home for dinner or if you will be staying overnight somewhere else.

Can I be placed with a non-Australian family?

First things first, what is an Australian family for you? Remember that Australia has a broad cultural mix of over 200 cultures speaking more than 260 languages! Be proud of being part of those numbers!

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